BlueCam's User-Centric Approach

All That Matters Is Your Users

BlueCam keeps everything simple and user id based because almost every secure system has the concept of users.
BlueCam Private Rooms connect two users with video and audio chat over peer-to-peer. BlueCam makes it simple to give your users video chat and real time peer-to-peer communication and messaging. You can easily integrate other data from your app into your private chat room page.

Secure Authentication

Although this can easily be altered if your system use a different session mechanism, BlueCam leverages PHP’s $_SESSION[“userId”] value for immediate plug and play into most PHP web systems. This allows PHP developers to very quickly and easily add robust video chat to their web systems. Alter the config at the top of BlueCam.php to match your system.
BlueCam include full source code and runs entirely on your server and the users' browsers so you have complete control.