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Let us help save you some development time. Download BlueCam to easily add peer-to-peer video chat to your web site and much more.


Peer-to-Peer means no expensive video streaming server infrastructure is required- save thousands!


WebRTC. Simple & Painless

BlueCam uses WebRTC video conferencing so all your users need is a browser that supports WebRTC (like Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox)


Download It All

Get all the code you need to easily launch your own peer-to-peer video chat service or add video chat between users of your existing site.

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Easy To Customize

Empower your users with secure video chat. Easily add to an existing site or create a new system from scratch. Great styling options and customization possibilities


BlueCam is Easy

WebRTC Made Simple

By Developers for Developers

We know it takes special care to write all of code for even a simple WebRTC app: the WebRTC Handshake, video/audio streaming, video/audio muting, security are all huge barriers to new developers.

BlueCam is designed to drastically reduce the time it takes developers to add Secure and Beautiful Video/Audio/Text WebChat to their website.

Focus on your users and their data, and when you're ready to connect them with realtime video chat, just drop in the BlueCam code.

The three most important BlueCam methods are CreateRoom(), JoinRoom(), and sendMessage()

It's never been so easy to get a beautiful chat room interface connecting the users of your website. Check out our demo!

If you've ever been frustrated with WebRTC or the many browser implementation differences, you'll love BlueCam's easy to use API.

Everything boils down to three awesome methods: CreateRoom(), JoinRoom(), and sendMessage()

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