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Our Vision

Peer-to-Peer video/ audio/ and data chat is now standard for most web browsers. This opens entirely new worlds for web developers to push the frontier of connecting their users in realtime with face to face communication and text chat.

BlueCam seeks to reduce the time of development of secure one-on-one chat rooms from months to minutes. Simply download the code, create the database tables, and you're up and running.

Add a tremendous amount of value to all your various systems with a single BlueCam license.

BlueCam Makes Video Chat Rooms Easy

Our Approach

Simply drop the contents of the BlueCam zip file in your application directory. Get secure video, audio, text, and data chat rooms working in minutes! You have all the code on your own server- no annoying monthly fees or usage based fees!

Have a few systems that would benefit from video chat? Show your users some love with minimal development effort

Have your own brand and your own sense of style? Of course you do! Change as much of the look and feel of the private chat room as you want and add powerful new custom functionality with BlueChat's peer-to-peer data exchange functionality

Easy Video Chat Development

BlueCam is the easiest way to get robust, secure video chat working on your web application. Great for everything from the next great social media platform to medical telemedicine applications bound by HIPAA compliance regulations. Comes with a great video chat room template that allows user to exchange text messags with the other user, mute their own audio or video, interact with page components and much more.

Robust Peer-to-Peer

BlueCam has multiple tools in its arsenal for connecting users in realtime. BlueCam has a very easy and robust way to send and handle messages between two users called sendMessage(). BlueCam uses sendMessage() for executing the WebRTC handshake between the users' browsers.

The best way for two clients(i.e. users' browsers) to exchange data is with RTCPeerConnection and RTCDataChannel. When an RTCDataChannel connection is established, data can be sent to the other client instantly. However, before instan peer-to-peer messaging, clients must first exchange a few introductory messages(aka the WebRTC Handshake) to establish a secure peer-to-peer connection. BlueCam makes this easy by serving the developer using the best available message delivery option available: RTCDataConnection with two fallback real-time messaging techniques: your server as a data proxy and PubNub

PubNub is a free service that provides an infrastructure for realtime communication between JavaScript clients. PubNub allows developers to get started quicker and can easily be phased out by other signaling mechanisms such as relay via your server.

Most PHP developers are familiar with exchanging data beteen two clients via the server. This is always a viable option because both broswers have line-of-sight to your server although the delivery time is much slower than WebRTC or PubNub messaging.

All BlueCam video and audio streaming occurs using direct WebRTC peer-to-peer functionality. This keeps infrastructure costs way down for eveybody. BlueCam doesn't have any annoying hidden, monthly or usage based fees.

Well Documented

BlueCam keeps everything extremelly simple and allows developers to build amazing video chat apps with a few methods: CreateRoom(), JoinRoom(), and sendMessage(). Even better, use our great template for out-of-the-box awesome

Beautiful, Functional Rooms

Our Services

Secure Peer-to-Peer

Peer-to-Peer means your server is free to do other things and your app can scale to extrordinary userbases. Use the latest WebRTC/ HTML5 technology to send data between browsers for video chat and much, much more.

Beautiful, Dynamic Interfaces

We’ve obsessed over all the details to get great chat rooms supporting text, video, and audio. These will give you great customizable starting points and working examples if you want to build your own.

Popular Free Technologies

We keep things super simple and write our APIs in the most popular, well documented open source projects with great online communities like PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 to make web chat easier and offer convenient ways to amplify your app with real time communication from WebRTC

Easy & Well Documented APIs

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use BlueCam. You just need basic web development knowledge like operating a web server(Windows or Linux), running PHP code, and understand databases and user accounts.

Training and Development

We specialize in integrating real-time communication for companies with existing systems or entirely new projects. Contact Us for more information

Customer Service

We provide email technical support to all of our great community members.